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The only magazine offering exclusive coverage of University of Oklahoma athletics!

Welcome to the home site of Sooner Spectator Magazine – the only publication solely dedicated to the exclusive coverage of University of Oklahoma athletics!


In 2024, Redzone Publishing and Sooner Spectator are celebrating the company’s 19th anniversary! And we are excited as we forge ahead into the future!


We are an OKC Metro-based publication that caters to loyal Sooner fans in every corner of the country.


Over the years, numerous other similar publications have come and gone, while Sooner Spectator has not only survived but thrived in this era of electronic information. We look back at 2005 when we first launched our award-winning publication dedicated to covering OU student-athletes and their amazing endeavors, and smile.


About three months after we published our premier issue, we received a letter from an OU fan and prospective reader who assured us that it was a foolish proposition to put any money into a print-related business, especially with the booming popularity of the Internet and the growing desire for instant gratification where the sports world is concerned.


The letter writer went on to guarantee us, in no uncertain terms, that the “printed word is dead,” and it was not coming back — no matter how great our attempts might be to revive it.


Of course, a letter like that — no matter who the author might be — is bound to give you pause, at least momentarily, to re-examine your game plan and overall level of sanity. But we believed that there was still a niche for a quality publication committed to delivering comprehensive OU coverage, using top-notch writers, photographers, editors and designers.


And here we are 19 years later, still cranking out a collector-quality magazine — 10 times a year — dedicated to the Sooners and Sooner faithful everywhere. While the majority of our readership lives with a 40-mile radius of the OKC Metro area, we have subscribers in each of the 77 Oklahoma counties and all 50 states (and Canada).


During that time, Redzone Publishing has maintained excellent relationships with OU’s athletics department, Sooner Sports Properties, Sooner Club and the OU Touchdown Club. And it is safe to say that our magazine has evolved into the “unofficial” sports publication for the university by representing OU’s standards for excellence and achievement.


We strive to make each issue of Sooner Spectator the most comprehensive, well-done publication possible. Our ownership group is locally based and contains several OU graduates, including editor-in-chief Jay C. Upchurch and designer/photographer Joshua R. Gateley. 


Our editorial staff is comprised of local beat writers and photographers, and the magazine is produced, printed and published right here in Oklahoma.


More than 85,000 faithful fans cram their way into Memorial Stadium for game days and thousands more follow the Sooners through various sources of news and sports mediums. But there is nothing else out there like Sooner Spectator Magazine!


To learn more about Sooner Spectator, connect with us on Facebook. And for more information, please call 405-364-4515.


To contact the editor, either fill out the contact form below, or email


To learn more about subscribing, advertising, or for more information about Sooner Spectator, please call 405-364-4515 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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